New hidden layers discovered in the ‘tomb’ of Jesus Christ


While examining the ‘tomb’ of Jesus Christ, experts uncovered hidden layers inside one of the holiest sites in Christianity. “What was found,” said National Geographic archaeologist Fredrik Hiebert, “is astonishing.”

According to reports from National Geographic, a team of experts revealed that the site where Jesus Christ is believed to have been buried has remained mostly intact after EXPOSING it for the first time in centuries.

“What happened here 2,000 years ago completely changed the history of the world,” said David Grenier, secretary of a group that oversees Roman Catholic church properties. “To be able to dig, let’s say, to the rock where the body of Jesus was laid … it’s overwhelming joy.”

Preliminary reports have confirmed that the alleged burial place of Jesus Christ has not been altered after centuries of destruction and reconstruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

For the first time in centuries, researchers have removed the lining of marble that covered the tomb of Christ in the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and found that the funeral platform where Jesus was buried has remained intact.

The funeral platform is located in the Edicule or “the little house,” a small marble chapel at the center of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which was supposedly installed, in 1555 although it probably was placed there centuries before, in order to prevent pilgrims from taking parts of the relic.

Just hours before the team resealed the team, they came across what they believe is Jesus’ original burial bed.

“I’m absolutely amazed. My knees are shaking a little bit because I wasn’t expecting this,” said Fredrik Hiebert, National Geographic’s archaeologist-in-residence told the publication.

“We can’t say 100 percent, but it appears to be visible proof that the location of the tomb has not shifted through time, something that scientists and historians have wondered for decades,” he added.

Christian tradition suggests that Jesus Christ was placed upon the burial bed after he was crucified at the hands of the Romans, sometime during 30 A.D.

According to Christian Religion, Jesus Christ ‘resurrected’ three days after his death and left his tomb in order to continue to preach before returning into heaven, body, and soul.




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