You should never ignore these signs in your dreams


When we sleep, our brain and our subconscious take us through quite the adventure through our dreams. And, often, our dreams have a message related to something we need to understand out either ourselves or the world around us.

The appearance of certain actions or things in our dreams are common symbols that can act as a guide for self-examination. These particular dream signals should never be ignored.

Falling – One of the most common dreams many of us have is one in which it feels like you’re falling. This may be the way your subconscious is telling you that things are getting out of control in your life. You’re likely experiencing more anxiety than normal, indicating that you need to practice stress relief, perhaps in the form of activities like yoga, or spending time in nature.

Being naked in public – How many times have you dreamed that you’re out in public and suddenly realize you have no clothes on? This signal often points to a lack of confidence, or a fear of some kind of secret being exposed.

Creepy-crawlies – Not a fun dream by any means, dreaming about ants, spiders or other insects crawling over you may mean that something is “bugging” you in your waking life. It might be telling you that you need to address problems head-on instead of allowing them to build up and get worse over time.

Hair – If you dream of hair, such as suddenly having very long hair or no hair at all, it may be telling you that there is something in your romantic relationship that you need to work out. Hair also symbolizes a desire to connect with others, so it may be sending a message that you need to embrace your more sexual side.

Being chased – When you have the common dream in which you’re being chased and you can’t move, or you move very slowly – or, seem to not be moving at all despite running, this indicates anxiety and that you’re running away from something. By facing whatever it is you’re running from, it will ease your anxiety.

Crumbling teeth – Lots of people have this dream too – suddenly your teeth being to feel loose, and then they fall out in little pieces while you panic trying to save them.

This dream usually indicates some loss of control, power or confidence. It might be in your relationship, at work, or some other part of your life.

Flying – There are few people who haven’t dreamed they were flying at one point or another. As a child, it seemed so real, you might have even tried it by jumping off the couch, only to be disappointed to realize it was just a dream.

Flying indicates that you’re ready to make some bold choices that could help you say goodbye to something that’s holding you back.

Water – Water also commonly appears in dreams, whether it’s in the form of terrifying massive waves that break through your home, or a peaceful lake that calls to you to come in and relax.

The way the water appears in your dream indicates how comfortable, or uncomfortable you are in your life.



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